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Dmitry Gurulev

Viam supervadet vadens!

17 October
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It is finally time to start blogging in English. The level of my English is already beginning to allow this to be done. At the same time it is a good practice to communicate with my foreign friends in their native language.

If You discovered my blog, let me tell You, what is interesting here can learn for themselves.

First of all my posts devoted to the scientific-practical materials in the field of law, economics and pedagogy. It is connected with the main areas of my work.

I'm a lawyer, banker, teacher, and scientist. Earned Prosecutor class rank senior counselor of justice and the scientific degree of candidate of legal Sciences.

On my pages often publish positive materials found in the network, and attracted my attention. I collect legal and prosecutorial humor.

In conclusion I would like to say is always genuinely happy for constructive good communication on the pages of my journal. I am attentive to those with whom such communication was formed. Do not tolerate rudeness and profanity. My magazine - territory respect to each other.

Welcome to my pages on LiveJournal in English!

With best regards, Dmitry Gurulev.